About Us

Brand concept

 The philosophy of our brand is based on the core values: femininity, lightness and comfort. We are2 sure that clothing can enable you to transmit your thoughts, opinions and experience lived, it is not just a thing – it is a way of mutual exchange of ideas, an opportunity to show people that a beautiful dress or properly tailored jacket can bring us closer to the ideal world. As their top priority designers regard creation of clothing that does not limit movements and require greater attention. Due to the use of natural materials at the level of comfort our clothing is like a second skin, and women wearing ViGiO recall about it only when receiving compliments. Inspired by the art and strong personalities, in every collection designers tend to tell a fascinating story, accurately drawing characters and details while always remaining faithful to the aesthetics of the brand.


Brand heroine:


The heroine of ViGiO is a self-made woman, successful and confident in her attractiveness and sense of style. She is not involved in the senseless race for fleeting trends; she perceives clothing primarily as an extension of her personality. Images of the brand allow not spend time on thinking about clothes, each item can live in the wardrobe for years and yet not to be old-fashioned. The ViGiO clothing gives priceless feeling of lightness and freedom, freedom from fashion trends and eternal search for quality in a sea of ​​mediocrity – such a much-needed feeling for every inhabitant of the modern megalopolis with a million tasks on the Iphone calendar.


Brand style:


ViGiO is a delicate combination of timeless classics and originality. The brand clothing harmoniously combines feminine silhouettes, unusual design solutions and interesting details, which certainly is glance-catching. A characteristic feature of ViGiO is oversize – appropriate variations with the volume give a feeling of lightness and underlines the dignity of the figure.